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Click on the above to download the  membership application for Okuapeman Youth and Young Adult Organization of Chicago.

The descendants of Akuapems in the diaspora - Chicago recognized the need to include Akuapeman-Americans between the ages of 13 and 18 years, born in the United States of America to be part of the Okuapeman Organization of Chicago. To bridge adopted traditions and cultures of the land (US) to that of our forefathers and homeland, the inception of this sub-chapter under the umbrella of Okuapeman Organization of Chicago serves as the preliminary injection of inclusiveness.



Our children are our future; their involvement and participation in Okuapeman Organization of Chicago serve as a channel to minimize our limitations. The introduction of innovative and selective ideas under our guidance and leadership shall promote growth and prosperity.



Therefore,  we (members of Okuapeman Organization of Chicago) stretch the baton with the hope that our children (Akuapeman-Americans born in the United States of America) shall also stretch their hands to enflame and uplift Akuapem culture.


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